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        Our advantages

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        Business advantage

        1. We are a large-scale manufacturer in the exterior wall coating industry: compared with your real estate company, the coatings manufacturers are not large, but compared with their peers, we are the first few coating companies in Zhejiang Province. There are more than 100 acres of production bases in Zhejiang, and there are branch offices and production bases in Shanghai. It is also one of the only four coatings companies in Zhejiang Province.

        2. selection of materials, quality assurance: the company's raw materials are mainly imported from abroad, such as titanium dioxide, the main material for the production of coatings, we have always used the US DuPont R-902 titanium dioxide, the company and Germany BYK, the United States Dow Companies such as the company have long-term raw material cooperation, which is not much in the domestic coatings industry.

        3. Emphasis on production management and quality assurance: The company firmly believes that benefits come from fine management and technological innovation. The company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, CCC national compulsory product certification, and China environmental label product certification. At the same time, it also obtained the chemical production license, and has independent sub-contracting qualification for exterior wall paint, and won the titles of “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Zhejiang Advanced Technology R&D Center” and “Provincial Standard Innovation Enterprise”.

        4. Rich experience in construction of high-rise and large-scale projects: There are many high-rise projects with more than 100,000 square meters and more than 30 floors, and there are professional construction teams and experienced construction management personnel. Ability to organize construction forces in a timely manner, capable of taking on difficulties and contradictions in construction, and ensuring the quality and duration of the project.

        5. Have a certain financial strength and be able to make reasonable expenses: In the undertaking of the project, the funds can be properly advanced, the work will not be stopped due to financial problems, the wages of the migrant workers will be arrears, and the phenomenon will not be added to the owners and the social image will be affected.

        6. integrity-based, advocating the contract: the company has always insisted on excellent cost-effective products, to provide customers with more thoughtful and more practical services. Reluctant to participate in the vicious competition of low-cost living, cutting corners, and final quality without guarantee. Therefore, the company will honor its own commitments, and also hope that the owners can check the consistency of large and small goods at any time, supervise the consistency of the construction of large goods and the earliest commitment. It is the AA-level “contract-honoring and credit-keeping unit” of Zhejiang industrial and commercial enterprises.

        7. Good reputation: The company has a special after-sales service organization. The excellent after-sales service has been recognized by many old customers. In the hearts of customers, our company's business reputation has always been good. It is the national quality credit service AAA-level member demonstration unit and quality credit gold medal tracking unit.

        8.The quality of any product can be compared with a simple method, you can look at the quality comparison method in detail.

        9. Find the right supplier, you are equal to find a competent assistant and staff, so that you can rest assured, peace of mind, do not worry.