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        Industry prospects

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        Industry prospects

        Release time :2018-07-25 Click :5638
               The coating industry has entered the finishing period after shuffling. From the perspective of the industry, the coating industry has unlimited business opportunities, from oil to water, from acrylic to fluorocarbon, from flat coating to textured coating, the market is increasingly segmented; from the brand From a point of view, the strong is strong, the weaker is weaker, the influence of the "Matthew effect" is more obvious, the overall competitors of paint are less and less, and the concentration of brands is getting higher and higher. Throughout the development of coatings, there will be a peak in the coatings industry in 2007, and each company has a special trend. The key role of national policy and development orientation, the demand in the coatings industry is huge, mainly reflected in the following aspects:
               2008 Olympic Project:The key to the Beijing Olympics project is that in 2007, there will be more than 16 billion yuan of coating business opportunities brought by single venues and supporting construction.
               Western Development: 11 municipalities and municipal construction, housing demand drives the huge demand for the coatings market. Through the preparation and development of the previous years, this has become the inevitable result of the government to promote economic development. Therefore, the development needs in this area will be added to the Shanghai World Expo: there are more than 2,000 high-rise buildings above 18F that are under construction in Shanghai recently, and the Shanghai market. Limiting the use of exterior wall tiles gives coatings a unique advantage.
               Educational system reform:At present, in the main higher education districts and capital cities of China, the construction of the university town is the focus. In addition, the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Education's recommendation for paints and colors are undoubtedly a sunny day for the paint industry.
               Revitalizing the Northeast Old Industrial Base:In the northeastern land, the enthusiasm of the builders is everywhere. After two years of practice, the government will accelerate the pace of development and transformation of the old industrial areas.
               Central economy:The country's "central economic rise" strategy has brought huge market to the central construction of the five central provinces and the development of real estate.
               National Housing Reform Policy, Kangju Project, Old City Reconstruction Project:This has become the highlight of the paint industry performance. At present, urban renovation, especially the “wearing and wearing a hat” project on the street building has become an important part of urbanization construction, and also a form of political performance project, especially for the former old city, which brings unprecedented coatings. Opportunities, and these projects will run through the renovation of the streets in 2007.
               The national urbanization process policy encourages the development of small towns, which makes paint coating a common phenomenon. At the same time, this process drives the further construction needs of township and rural markets, giving the paint a comprehensive access, and the manifestation in 2007 will be more obvious.
               Driven by the steady development of economic construction, the mainstream decoration and building materials industry is growing at a rate of 23% per year, which has a great stabilizing effect on the demand for coatings. In 2007, the coatings industry will have "unlimited business opportunities."