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        Five reasons for choosing BOXING

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        Five reasons for choosing BOXING

        Release time :2018-07-31 Click :5170

        First, a fast-growing brand paint:

        To you is the total distribution rights, exclusive agent of future well-known brands;

        The quality is guaranteed, and the advertising is heavily invested.

        Second, the national inspection-free, stable quality, cost-effective advantages:

        Modern consumption is rational consumption, paying attention to the cost-effective, poor quality products, free to you.

        You don't want it, the price is reasonable, the performance is good, the customer allows us to have a reasonable profit, the company produces
        From the source, the emulsion is synthesized by itself, and there is a complete product line to meet the different needs of customers.

        Third, thoughtful service:

        Provision of product related materials and technical materials;

        Project quotation and budget;

        Bidding information is provided;

        Free engineering board production and sample supply;
        Perfect joint team and management personnel;

        Fourth, policy advantages:

        Boxing Chemical has built a scientific sales network structure, developed a good price system, and produced a road
        Conduct market control and guidance to ensure exclusive distribution in the district city market.

        fifth,innovative store channels and international management mode:
        Uniform store image, Tongshe ISO9001, ISO14001 and all kinds of authority certification.