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        Boxing support

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        Boxing support

        Release time :2018-07-31 Click :4960
        1. Product related information and technology supply;
        2. Free engineering budget and quotation;
        3. Comparison, selection and recommendation of construction process materials;
        4. Free engineering sample production and sample supply;
        5. Provision of professional technology and training of salespersons, salesmen and construction personnel;
        6. Free self-promotion;
        7. Business commission and successful concept introduction.
        For sale
        1. Help customers develop sales network;
        2. Analyze, evaluate and plan the operation status of dealers and distributors;
        3. Reasonable management suggestions for the structure and types of dealers;
        4. Send a special person to the project site supervision to achieve the best construction results;
        5, free to help customers call out the personalized color;
        6. Free to distribute promotional items or hold promotional activities from time to time;
        7. On-site improvement and treatment of defects occurring at the construction site;
        8. Local advertising support: According to the sales performance of local distributors, the percentage is delivered.
        After sale
        1. Conduct after-sales contact for most product users to understand the user's condition and provide timely feedback;
        2. Telephone tracking of dealers to understand their latest needs;
        3. Seriously handle the customer's commitment to any complaints and complaints.