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        Service Items

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        Provide professional integrated coating solutions
        It should be said that the coating products are semi-finished products before the upper wall, so the service and quality are equally important. Through half a century of experience accumulation, Boxing Paint has formed a complete set of leading integrated coating solutions in the industry. In the industry, Boss Paint is not only providing products, but is the first to provide customers with an integrated solution to ensure the quality and decorative effect of the paint on the wall, completely solve the worries for customers.
        Regular training
        Boxing Paint organizes regular training, covering product performance, application technology, marketing and other aspects of expertise, to create a professional team to help customers create value and grow together with partners.
        Technical Support
        According to the needs of customers, we use technical solutions as a sales method for project budget status and wall conditions, and provide customers with targeted coating solutions and recommendations for their use.
        Sample service
        According to the different projects of the customers, according to the needs of the owners, the production of the appropriate physical samples, on-site large samples, to demonstrate the product quality of Boss, the effect of the finished products on the wall, to help customers complete the project.
        Construction service
        Provide reliable advice during construction, use experienced construction supervision to guide the whole process, and provide professional and standardized coating construction team.
        After-sales return visit
        Regularly return visits to projects using Boss products to understand the status of use and guide professional exterior wall maintenance to ensure that the exterior wall reaches the design life.