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        Product advantage training

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        Product competitive advantage

        First, the price/performance ratio: can be understood from two levels
               1、Quality: First of all, the importance of quality, our factory hits the brand, and the price is compared with the peers under the premise of ensuring quality. The product itself is a medium-to-high-end positioning, not a low-end product;
               2. Cost advantage: Our factory has its own ability to synthesize resin. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, the comprehensive cost of the product is reduced. Compared with the peers, the price of our factory is superior in the case of the same quality.
               Specifically, we can also briefly introduce several methods for detecting latex paint, and use facts to speak to enhance the credibility of the other party's products.
        Second, the brand advantage
               "Bo Xing" is a fast-raising brand, which is tomorrow's famous brand, five major fields "Bo Xing"
               The registration of the trademark is enough to prove the determination of our factory to create a brand. Compared with the existing big brands, our factory has the following advantages:
               1. The big brands are demanding on the dealers, and it is not easy to get the exclusive agent. It is difficult to guarantee the exclusive agency right;
               2. The price of large brands is highly transparent and the profit margin is relatively low;
               3.Big brands rarely support small dealers, it is difficult to guarantee the interests of dealers.
               As our company, in line with the concept of development and growth with dealers, we actively promote the rank competition of the market, strictly fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of the agreement, and effectively guarantee the agency authority and price space of the dealers. All dealers can be treated equally and can be regarded as a strong backing for dealer technology and publicity services.
        Third, the integrity, honesty and relative
               Treating the contract, our factory has a promise, and it is a must. Dare to face the problem. Can be understood in two levels:
               1. Our products belong to our factory: Our factory will provide compensation in strict accordance with the instructions of the agreement;
               2. It belongs to the construction problem: Our factory will actively cooperate with the construction party to carry out technical guidance based on the principle of friendly cooperation, and try to minimize the loss.
        Fourth, the first batch of purchase amount is unlimited
               The idea of our factory is that the product can only be sold if it is sold to the consumer and recognized. However, if the market is not aware of the product and there is no knowledge of the product, blindly requesting the dealer to have large quantities of inventory is not ours. Advocating, in line with the principle of being responsible to both parties, our factory is also cautious about the issuance of agency rights.

        V. Unwilling to make a tendency to lay out 
               Because our factory advocates small profits but quick turnover, all products control a reasonable profit margin. On the contrary, the products that promise high stakes are likely to be commodities with high profits and low prices.
        Six, regular support
               Our factory has corresponding advertising support, door printing, photo, etc., and regularly send some small advertising gifts.
        Seven, the contract
               The obligations that our factory should fulfill on the contract are the preferential conditions of our factory: such as freight, return and exchange principles.